Let's Insist on Decency

There are lots of opinions held in Carroll County, District 5.

I don't imagine District 5 is unlike most any other district in New Hampshire, to be honest. There are all kinds of sensibilities, and thoughts about how things really ought to be, and passionate opinions about how we -- the people of the great state of New Hampshire -- should move ahead together.

For me, that word *together* is the most important word. Even though there are all kinds of things that seem to divide people from one another, I'm convinced that there is WAY, WAY more that connects us to one another. When the poop hits the fan, we need to be remembering that neighborly support and encouragement is a part of the New Hampshire citizen's wiring. I hope that this campaign effort can be part of reminding all of us -- myself, included -- that we actually need each other. Just as it's in my personal best interest that I have a good, strong, independent, capable, engaged, informed neighbor, it's in my neighbor's best interest that they have in me a good, strong, independent, capable, engaged, informed neighbor. 

My neighbor, my fellow citizen, my fellow American -- he/she/they deserve every single right that every other American has been promised. Whether my neighbor looks like me, speaks with the same accent that I do, loves another the same kind of way I do, feels similarly encouraged or similarly disappointed in our political leadership ... we are better when each one of us insists that every single person is deserving of being treated with decency.

I happen to think that most everyone in Carroll County, District 5 feels the same way! We may disagree on any number of things. But let's be people who insist that the work that we do together for the sake of the citizens of New Hampshire be done with a spirit of decency.

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Let's Insist On Decency