Let's Build Consensus

People will disagree on any number of topics (because we're all different!) and some of those disagreements will be fueled by quite a bit of passion. I think of my old friend, B.A. Johnson who said to me (tongue in cheek), "You know, Knute ... if everyone would just do what I say, everything would turn out much better." Then we'd laugh. If everyone participating in a discussion insists that they themselves, and they alone, are right -- gee whiz, where do we go from there? 

We are neighbors who have a common goal for basic survival, for healthy communities, for a place where each one will be treated fairly. During the years leading to the founding of the United States of America, rigorous debate was of the greatest value. But consensus was essential. The ability to find common ground so that the community could move forward together with strength -- it was vital. And it's vital now, too.

What would it look like if each one was able to recognize, that while their position may be solid and supported by the data, it's rarely the case there is ONLY one right answer? What would it look like if each one of us was able to be in healthy communication with the rest of the community so that every view could be heard, and understood, and taken under consideration? What would it look like if, in the end, most of us could find a way to compromise?

Oh, I know ... there will always be the ones on the far left who will absolutely insist on nothing less than their sense of things. And there will be the ones on the far right who will absolutely insist on nothing less than their own sense of things. I get it. But I think most people -- most people are willing to find that common ground. Most people are willing to learn the facts, listen to the biggest worries, and find consensus to reach a decision that will most positively impact the WHOLE community and negatively impact as few people as possible.

I hope the people of Carroll County, District 5 will join me in believing that the best way forward is to work together to build consensus.

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