Lawn Sign Hosting

There are going to be a few challenges this campaign will face, but lots of those challenges are ones that can be overcome. People throughout District 5 (Effingham, Wakefield, Brookfield, & Ossipee) can do a few things to help. An easy thing would be to **HOST A LAWN SIGN**. If you're willing to have a "Knute Ogren" lawn sign, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message me on FACEBOOK.

Another little goal that I have for this campaign: I hope that there will be an increase of two percentage points or more in District 5's voting participation - whether those voters vote for me or not!

I value democracy, the important role that voting plays in sustaining a great democracy, and the simple part of democracy which is making sure everyone is in the know that there is an election that will be held. Your willingness to host a sign on your lawn can be part of making sure your neighbors are aware that there is a vote being held on NOVEMBER 6!