Work Experience

I've always worked for the Lutherans (ELCA).

I've learned a whole lot about people, about community, about transparency, about clarity, and about care for our neighbors. I'm a member of NATIVITY LUTHERAN in North Conway which I mention here because Nativity's website has a page for people who might wonder about what a Lutheran is. That site, no doubt, will say it better than I can. Mostly, I just say, "Well ... we're actually not so bad, all things considered!" 

I work at CALUMET, a Lutheran Camp & Conference Center located in Freedom, NH. My responsibilities include raising money so that every single kid who wants to come to camp can have a spot even if he/she/they come from a family that is having some financial challenges. It's also my job to tell our story to the ones who support us so that they can continue to feel great about what it is that they make possible through their generosity. I write Thank You letters, I visit people all over New England, and I listen to people as they tell me why Camp Calumet matters to them. I've been coming to Calumet ever since I was a wee little guy and I'm very thankful to have the job that I have.

Before that, I worked for the ELCA Foundation and helped people think about difficult things -- mostly related to what's going to happen to them after they die. With this job, I had countless, seriously awesome conversations with some pretty wise people. Most 90 year olds I've talked to have said something like, "I really have no idea where all the time went!" Life does go by rather quickly, right? We have to be intentional about being present and enjoying every moment to its fullest. Another thing I've heard from 90 year olds, "I'm so thankful for the life that I've lived, and I hope that the ones who come after me have it equally good -- or better!" I have no doubt that when most of us reach older adulthood, we'll have similar feelings. What would it look like if we thought more deeply about how to engage that kind of feeling right now?

Before that, I worked for a CHURCH in Hartford called Emanuel -- really nice people!  I was there for eight years and worked with young and old. I did a lot of work trying to help the church think deeply about generosity, transparency, fairness, and fun -- and how all of those things are connected to who we are as people of faith. During those years, I learned that everyone has a storyline, a history, that shapes us. And we have a responsibility to listen to each other's stories so that we can create conditions for a stronger community.

I'm so lucky to have had the jobs that I've had. I hope that these twenty years of work experience, primarily related to being with and engaging people of all ages, can serve me well as I seek the support of the people of Carroll County, District 5. 

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