I believe in the power of a community of people with harnessed energy and shared goals.

I believe we who are fortunate are supposed to use our power for good and to advocate for the one who experiences obstacles.

I believe it's better to live a life in the midst of community rather than go it alone.

I believe that no one can be all things to all people and it's better to be honest about who we are.

I believe that greed is our biggest stumbling block and that fear is our biggest foe.

I believe that voting is important and that we should make it as easy as possible for each one to participate.

I believe that what a person does is his/her/their own business assuming it does not negatively impact another citizen's rights.

I believe in science and research and facts ... and that science and learning makes my faith stronger.

I believe that God is the mystery beyond all mysteries and that we should be wary of people who claim special knowledge.

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