Knute of Effingham

I live in Effingham Falls, NH.

I'm running in hopes that I can help people open themselves up to learning something other than politics as usual.

I'm running because it's just better for everyone when, after sharing our varied opinions, we do the hard work of finding common ground.

I'm running because, like most people I know, I want us to make the smartest decisions possible. To do that we have to understand the data and trust the research.

And I'm running because each one, urban or rural, rich or poor, faithful or non-believing -- every single one should be treated with common decency.

I don't have all the answers, but I'm willing to think deeply, to wrestle with ideas, to try new avenues that we haven't tried before, and to be an honest broker. If what you're reading here on is speaking to you, even a little bit, I hope you'll consider trusting me with your vote. Thanks for being a good neighbor out there. We need each other. Let's be good to the people we will meet today.

       - Knute

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