Welcome to the Knute4NH Campaign Website!

My name is Knute Ogren and I live in Effingham.

As I work hard over the next months to reach out to you -- the people of Carroll County, District 5 -- I hope you'll peruse this site to learn a little bit about me. I will gladly serve the district and make the smartest, fairest decisions I can for Carroll County and for the great State of New Hampshire.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions you might have or ideas that you think are important to share. 

CONTRIBUTE just $20 to my campaign and be part of my goal to receive support from 250 people (182 contributions as of SEPT 7)

LEARN about me through answers I've given to FAQs I've been asked during the campaign.

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There are three seats in Carroll County, District 5.

I hope you'll learn more about my fellow candidates THERESA SWANICK and PAT PUSTELL. Thanks! Be good.