My name is Knute Ogren and I live in Effingham, NH. In 2018, during the months of May through November, I tried my darnedest to get the votes needed to snag a seat in the New Hampshire House representing Carroll County, District 5. I worked with Patricia Pustell and Theresa Swanick, two excellent candidates who were also vying for one of the three house seats. Sadly, all three seats stayed in the hands of the Republican incumbents. Though we three did well in the towns of Effingham and Ossipee, a large majority of the people of Wakefield and Brookfield weren't ready to give DEMs a chance.

We tried to highlight the voting records of some of the incumbents which included votes to close the local power plant, to make life more difficult for LGBTQ persons, and to raise taxes on residents due to their short-sighted support for making public money available for private and religions schools. Will these three incumbents make an effort to help families, the environment, and young adults? Will they vote to create conditions that will helpin the fight against the opioid epidemic? Will they vote for budgets that are supportive of teachers, state retirees, residents at Mountain View Community, workers for Carroll County agencies, and regulatory bodies that monitor our air, water, and other natural resources essential to the state's economy?

Even more important: Will residents of Carroll County, District 5 be paying attention?

Together with Pat and Theresa, I will remain involved in the politics of District 5 because it matters. I hope everyone in the towns of Ossipee, Effingham, Brookfield, and Wakefield will be determined to stay involved, too. 

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